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The moderately priced Medium Company ($6.84 USD per month) plans are all propelled by one of the most avant-garde cloud hosting systems present on the contemporary web hosting market. The thing that makes an impression here is that the cloud site hosting solution has been solely designed by eHilla Hosting Solutions. It's custom developed. And this is not all. There are 4 server farm locations this top-notch cloud website hosting system is being offered at: in the USA, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia. You can also take a glimpse at the cloud hosting demo account - check out the audio/video demonstrations located there. If you have no idea what cloud webspace hosting in fact is, take a peek at the webspace hosting review.

Hosting Overview Medium Company Enterprise Class Unlimited
Price Per Month
Web Storage 1 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Network Traffic 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Site Names 1 10 10
Parked Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail Boxes 100 500 Unlimited
FTPs 5 5 Unlimited
1-click Web App Installer
Web Site Creation Tool
Free Domain Name Activation
Free Web Site Design Themes
Money Back Guarantee
Web Service Continuity